Garmin Connect: Bing Maps and Google Maps

Garmin Connect used to have excellent Google Maps, but in November 2010 Garmin decided to «transition» to Bing Maps. Bing Maps have very little (sometimes no) detail compared to Google Maps, they lack terrain info, etc. In practice it meant that Garmin Connect got unusable maps. Here’s how to fix it.

First: A comparison.

Bing Maps

Here’s a recent activity shown using the standard Bing Maps. Not a lot of details:

Google Maps

Here’s the same activity as above, now on a map that is actually usable:

With Google Maps you can also view a terrain map:

Another example

Here are two views of the same cycling activity:

Again: Bing Maps has practically no details, while Google Maps has excellent details, shows place names, urban/»green» areas, etc.

See this Google search for garmin connect bing google maps for more examples.

How to fix Garmin Connect and bring back Google Maps

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Install Greasemonkey
  2. Install Garmin Connect Google Maps

Google Chrome:

  1. Install Gfix

See also: Discussion on Garmin Forums.

Why did Garmin change to Bing? Did they think about the Garmin Connect users at all?

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