How to move from Garmin Connect to Strava

Garmin Connect was a nice service when it launched, but then Garmin decided to focus on other things than listening to customers. Lucky for us, Strava launched (see the Strava blog, and maybe also why it’s good – in Norwegian), and is now a free and much better service for both cyclists and others. Here’s how to move all your activities to Strava – if you are able to fiddle a little with Ruby and Perl.

Why should you switch?

See Garmin’s reasons for switching from Garmin Training Center to Garmin Connect, and then remember that Strava is better than Garmin Connect. And that Strava listens to their users (remember the «transition» to Bing maps?), constantly develop new features like the segment explorer, cropping of logs, etc – and has a very nice Strava app (Garmin has one too, but it’s not as good, and not as free).

Getting activities from Garmin Connect

Update! This blog post was published in November 2011. A lot has happened since then. The easiest way now (February 2015) is probably to set up automatic synchronization of Strava, Garmin Connect, Runkeeper, Endomondo, etc with Tapiriik:


The original post continues below (see the comments too):

If Garmin Connect is the only place you have stored your activities, I recommend disconnect.rb, a very nice Ruby script that asks for your username and password, then downloads all TCX files automatically. Here’s what it looks like in action:

After this (and some waiting) you will have lots of .tcx files:


If you want to tidy up a little, you can use this script to rename the files to «YYYY-MM-DD-HHMMSS-Sport.tcx» and put them in directories named «YYYY/MM».

Getting activities from Garmin Training Center

If you have (also?) used Garmin Training Center, you can also export from there. I recommend exporting entire years: just select the «2011» folder in GTC, right-click and export. This gives you one gigantic(?) TCX file, that you need to split. I recommend the Perl script at GPSVisualizer (or the web form if you have a lot of free time, but then it’s probably easier to export individual activities from GTC). If you name the Perl script «», the command to split the big «2011.tcx» file would be:

./ 2011.tcx split/

After this the «split» directory will contain individual .tcx files for all activities in 2011.

Upload to Strava

Very, very easy: Send an email to with all the TCX files – that’s it.

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