Of course


[…] if you don’t let anyone know your last burst of energy is your last, it might not have to be. Sometimes the pack will sit up half a second before you do. Sometimes the hill ends before you do. Sometimes one of the hardmen gets thirsty for a Coke and pulls into SnappyMart before you’re forced to admit you vomited up your energy bar five miles ago and won’t make it another block if you don’t get a hot dog off the roller.

In a simpler and more optimistic sense, what happens is that you stop quitting; you have to be made to quit.

Bill Strickland, Bicycling.com: «Of course»: http://bicycling.com/blogs/theselection/2011/12/06/of-course/

(Bildet viser sånn omtrent det motsatte, i Jotunheimen rundt 2010..)


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